Why Udemy?

There are a few hidden benefits, no-one might tell you!

I was introduced to udemy.com at an eLearning seminar, where people were introducing some of the online teaching websites. Knowledge at our doorstep. I have been reviewing all these websites and I have found that Udemy is pretty popular and useful.

62564_c93b_5Free Courses

There are some pretty good free courses, for example there is a PHP and MySql course offered by Infinite Skills. It has about 200 lessons. It is very comprehensive and offers all source files free! I have learned Php from there. There are bunch of basic courses like html, wordpress, photoshop courses, offered free of cost! I have enrolled in multiple free courses of WordPress and I don’t plan on to buying any course soon.

Pay one time and the course is your forever!

Yep! they will put it in your login and you may access it forever for free! I think the courses for ipads and iphones can be reviewed online, but I haven’t tried it yet honestly. Oh, then there is return policy, for something you didn’t like later on!

Review certain chapters before you buy any course!

All courses are divided into sections and then lessons. Some tutors even offer certain lesson for free for your review, so you have a pretty good idea about what you are buying!

Special offers for holiday seasons ..

They know that you will spend your free time studying so they have discount even upto 90% for such days.

Course Announcements

If I am studying a free/paid course from an intsructor X and that instructor X has offered a new course, he might offer special discount offer at the Course Announcement section.

Win a course!

There was a poll on udemy about your opinion and they said that everyone who will take a part will win a course. I did take part and I have a comprehensive course on Photoshop CC aboslutely free in my account. Of course I can study it anytime, all my life:)

Make Contacts!

The instructors are pretty good people, you can start following them on Twitter, get in touch with them to learn more. I got to know this Rob Cubbon guy who owns a pretty good online web design business and has a lot to share. Check his book out How To Sell Video Courses Online: How I earn $1000+ a month while I sleep
I also got to know Chris Spooner, who also shares worthy design stuff on his website. Similarly, now I know Infinite Skills, they are too good too!

Not just Techno Courses!

Yes! you can learn Arabic for all they care. Photography, design, WordPress, content writing, I mean you name a category and they have a course for you!

Free Marketing Tool

Last but not the least, best place to market your own website. Are you an expert? Create a course, even if it is free, your target market will definitely visit your website.

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