Input Devices

So, a lot of people have created notes for different topics for this course, as there is no textbook yet. I was thinking of doing the same but like they say one should not reinvent the wheel. I was able to find the following link that caters to all  the input devices on one page:


Please note that the sylabus targets from the CIE for input devices are as follows:

1.3.3 Input devices

  • describe the principles of operation (how each device works) of a range of input devices including 2D and 3D scanners, barcode readers, digital cameras, keyboards, mice, touch screens, microphones
  • describe how these principles are applied to real-life scenarios, for example: scanning of passports at airports, barcode readers at supermarket checkouts, and touch screens on mobile devices
  • describe how a range of sensors can be used to input data into a computer system, including light, temperature, magnetic field, gas, pressure, moisture, humidity, pH/acidity/alkalinity and motion/infra-red
  • describe how these sensors are used in real-life scenarios, for example: street lights, security devices, pollution control, games, and household and industrial applications

Please note that the complete syllabus outline can be fount at the following link:

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